AmericaCNG.COM, INC.

Save Money, Save America & Save Earth  

Who We Are, Inc. was formed in 2011 after several years of planning and research in the natural gas vehicle fuel sector. The company is owned by the Farley family of Texas, with Glenn Farley as its President. The Farleys’ have 30 plus years in the Property and Casualty Insurance (P&C) industry following in their father’s footsteps; totaling 50 years in business. In addition to their successful track record in P&C, the Farleys’ gained experience in the oil & gas sector with a venture in the natural gas service sector.

We began our business in 2008 as a natural gas servicing company.  By offering our customers complete natural gas flowback servicing since that time we have gained tremendous expertise of the CNG industry. As the industry has evolved, there has been a constant influx of improved processes and techniques in the natural gas market itself and in the conversion of gas and diesel vehicles to the less expensive and more eco-friendly CNG fuel. In 2010, there was a focus in the compressed natural gas (CNG) industry where research was performed to ascertain the viability of setting up CNG fueling stations on a broad scale. After hundreds of interviews with the major players in the trucking industry, it became apparent there was a sizeable opportunity for fuel cost reductions coupled with air quality improvements. That led to the formation of, Inc. With a massive vision in hand, the company created strategic alliance partnerships with companies ideally positioned to help ACNG reach its goals., Inc. (ACNG) is launching its CNG and LNG (liquefied natural gas) business nationwide. ACNG formed this financing partnership to provide the much needed capital to support its rapid and widespread business expansion. This funding will allow ACNG to construct the infrastructure needed to allow fleets, municipalities, mid-size companies and large fleet operators to take advantage of the benefits offered by ACNG’s alternative fuels. Joining the natural gas vehicle fuel market with a serious jump start, the company will help America reduce its dependence on foreign oil and drop air pollution levels simultaneously.


ACNG has developed Strategic Alliance Partnership Agreements with over 30 companies. In total, these strategic partners employ several thousand professionals nationwide, allowing ACNG to launch its business nationwide with a footprint substantial enough to ensure a successful, win-win venture.