Fueling Your Fleet Operations

AmericaCNG.com, Inc. (ACNG), model works. Just ask our clients, who rely on our resources, professionalism, and expertise. By designing, building, operating and maintaining our private fueling site, ACNG allows you to remain focused on operating your fleet. We’ll not only save you time, we’ll also save you valuable capital. 


Our Advantages

No Upfront Investment

Think natural gas conversions aren’t affordable?

Think again!

For qualifying fleet clients, we provide 100% of the capital needed to convert your vehicles to CNG and receive a long term fueling contract. 

Cost Savings

We’re the experts in natural fueling solutions, so you don’t have to be. We know how to design and build stations using cost-effective methods and the latest technology. We are placing in service this year 48 CNG stations in the Texas area. 

Risk Aversion

Our long-term fuel contracts eliminate unpredictable fueling costs, allowing you to pay agreed upon rates regardless of fluctuating market prices.

Better Use of Your Resources

In addition to designing, building and operating the stations, we also provide ongoing maintenance, leaving you free to concentrate on running your fleet.

Marketing Expertise

Fueling up with America Compressed Natural Gas, Inc., isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your image. We provide the value-added marketing expertise to increase public recognition.