We understand the importance of providing long term growth in LNG (liquid natural gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas) industry and working with the "The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to make sure we keep America strong by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. America has the resources we need right here at home, we have an abundance of oil and gas and we are working to drive down the price of America’s vehicle fuels.

We Are IT

·         We evaluate gas analysis from Oil & Gas Producers that are currently flaring their wells in specific areas.

·         We create simulation models and provide a total solution value proposition to the Oil & Gas companies, which effects the investors, government, royalty owners and most importantly our environment, the air you breath.

·         We hook into the wellhead, strip out the NGLs (natural gas liquids). 

·         We take the Methane and Ethane, and run it through our W-Grade system separating all three streams.

·         We liquefy the Methane and liquefy the Ethane in order to be transported to the different areas to be regasified and used in the different engines.

·         We fund the WHOLE project.

We can use the Ethane LNG in the field and use it in a 100% Natural Gas Drilling Rigs and Frac units, thereby saving Oil & Gas companies over 50% in fuel cost, increasing the profits for the investors of the oil and gas companies.

If your oil and gas company is not currently using natural gas to drill and to Frac the wells I would demand to know why they are not saving over 50% on their fuel cost. If they are flaring their gas again, why? We can capture the "flared gas" and turn it into money, which means you as an investor or royalty owner start to get paid.  This method allows the Producer to potentially NOT Flare the gas, continue to drill a field where there is delayed or no midstream pipeline access, flow the Oil and monetize the operations.  Our skid mounted LNG machines are going to be in limited production for 2014 and 2015. We fund the entire operation using our capital, so the Oil & Gas companies can save money from gallon one. In 2014 AmericaCNG and our Strategic Alliance Partners will have 100% Natural Gas Drilling Rigs and Frac Units. One drilling rig and one frac unit could save the Oil & Gas company over $3,000,000 per year in fuel cost. 

We also provide services to the pipeline industry where it may take a pipeline company a few years to get the pipeline hooked up for the Oil & Gas Company. The midstream company can sign their long term contract with the producers and put AmericaCNG in the game within a few months to fill the gap that they cannot fill. We are selective with our pipeline companies and only have a few vendors that we currently work with.

April of 2014 we will have (2) W-grade systems and (2) 20,000 gallons per day Skid Mounted LNG Machines ready to be demonstrated in the field. Please contact us if you feel we could help you reduce your well cost and your fuel cost.


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